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and Music Academy

Northlake Children's Chorus

Music-a-thon 2018
Saturday, April 21st -Sunday April 22nd    
16 hours of LIVE music
sponsored by the Northlake Children’s Chorus and Music Academy

Free Mason Park, Main Street, Downtown Tucker

The Northlake Children’s Chorus (NCCMA) is sponsoring a Music-a-thon in downtown Tucker, Saturday, April 21st and Sunday, April 22nd . 10:00 am-6:00 pm each day.
The Music-a-thon

*gives neighborhood children and youth the opportunity to showcase their musical talents in ten minute mini-concerts throughout the weekend.
 *gives the Northlake/Tucker community the opportunity to see some of its rising music stars on stage and the opportunity to support this neighborhood chorus and music academy.

 *is the major fundraiser for the Northlake Children’s Chorus and Music Academy. Last year over 200 children and youth participated in the event. It was a huge success raising over $6000 for the chorus and academy.

Students in the NCC Music Academy are expected to perform during the weekend. This is our major and only  fund raiser for the Academy and money collected from music students goes directly into the Academy account to provide scholarships, pay for recitals and Festival events for our students next year. We would like for all music students to strive to collect $50 in donations. $25 is required for each mini-concert slot. If you are a student on scholarship please remember that a yearly scholarship could be worth as much as $700. Any funds you can raise over the $50 helps us secure the scholarships for next year. One scholarship student last year raised almost $700 for the chorus and academy. Another student raised almost $2000. One person can do a lot!! You will be surprised at how the community will love hearing about our musical efforts in the Northlake/Tucker neighborhood.

Prizes will be given to the children who raise the most money for our music-a-thon:
Here is the process:
Your child has been given a gold envelope.
They should ask community members, neighbors, family members, businesses, etc. to sponsor them for the Music-a-thon. Any donation is acceptable. They should ask the person to sign the envelope and record their contribution. Put the contributions in the envelope and return them to the Academy by April 15th .  (Sponsors should make checks payable to NCCMA.)

Music Students
Here is a sample of what your child can say when requesting a donation:
I take piano/guitar/violin/voice lessons at the Northlake Children’s Chorus Music Academy.
We are having a Music-a-thonin downtown Tucker on April 21st and April 22nd. .
We are providing 16 hours of continuous music at Free Mason Park. Children and youth will be singing and playing instruments to entertain the community and showcase the great talent we have in our community. It is kind of like a neighborhood talent show!
10 years ago, the Northlake Children’s Chorus started a Music Academy offering piano lessons to children and youth in the Northlake area. The Academy has grown to where it now offers a chorus and instruction in piano, guitar, ukulele, violin, drumming, saxophone and voice to over 150 students.
The Academy wants to make sure children in our neighborhood with a desire to learn and the work ethic to practice, have the opportunity for the best musical instruction possible. All money donated to the Academy goes directly to music lessons for children. All administration tasks are donated by the director with no monetary compensation. This is our gift to the community.
We would appreciate any donation you could give us. (A $10 donation would be great.) Each member of the chorus and academy is trying to raise $50 for the Music-a-thon. Please stop by the park to hear me play my selections the weekend of  April 21st.
Our Academy helps provide GREAT music for children and partner with our schools to bring the best music we can to our neighborhood. The Music Academy makes music lessons available to promising musicians in our neighborhood.  NCCMA  is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

Thank you so much!!